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I am Oana and I am one of those tried by the disease of the century – cancer.



I love life with all its challenges and I wish, with this blog, to share my years of experience in fighting this disease.



This is a blog with answers to many

questions that overwhelm you when you learn about this diagnostic. Answers from my own experience, quite rich, of over 7 years.

I wish to be able to offer trust and hope.


If in 2010 when I was diagnosed the cases among younger people were relatively rare, in the last while the explosion of cases became scary. The cancer diagnostic, of any type, became almost common. At any age. Indeed a “disease of the century”.


In this context, when thousands of people are going through the pain of this disease, I can no longer wait to see if I am well according to the medics to share with others my learnings.


I know for certain that I now feel almost normal and I can enjoy life with my family! With some shortcomings and adapting to my new “me” and trying to find solutions for each challenge.

Life teaches you to adapt, and adapting brings you life.

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