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I don’t usually talk about my diagnostic. Many people don’t even know I have this problem.


In fact, for me, this disease does not exist.


For this reason I do not mention the effects of cancer on my body and soul.


These are things I have left in the past as they happened.


I live in the present.


In this blog though, for those reading it to understand the context better, I decided to talk about it.



March – Bucharest, Romania


Diagnostic – Invasive ductal breast carcinoma, multifocal, left breast. Biopsy.


A very well ranked doctor, an “authority” in the field of oncology in Romania, after 4 hours waiting to be seen and 10 minutes of consultation, decided that “it is too late and it does not even make sense to get surgery. You start tomorrow with chemotherapy, to make it easier for you”.


April – Vienna


Total mastectomy left breast, removal of torso muscle (also affected) and breast reconstruction with using part of the latissimus dorsi muscle.

For the reconstruction, this muscle was partially cut and turned under the armpit.

Due to the fact that there is a volume difference between the two breasts, a silicon implant was added over the “new muscle”.

Pathologic result: one 3cm (1.2in) nodule, two 0.6cm (1/4in) nodules, and over 37 mitosis. Metastases in 5 axial lymph nodes of all 17 removed.



8 sessions of chemotherapy following the Vienna clinic procedures (with the mention – double concentration than standard). I only lasted 5 sessions cu double concentration after which the doses where reduced to standard.

Radiotherapy. Hormone treatment with Zoladex injections and Tamoxifen for the next 5 years.





Spine pain. Bone metastases.



Spine fracture, 25% of T8 vertebrae completely grinded.




May – Paris

Total vertebrectomy T8, titan rod, 16 bolts, Harms cage with ribs parts. The surgery consisted of an intervention on the face of the pleura detachment, then T8 vertebrectomy on the back, spine and ribs cut. Wearing a plastic corset for 3 months. I had to learn to walk again.



Septicemia (blood poisoning). New surgery, cleaning of the back, removed breast implant, 3 weeks intensive therapy. “The bullet passed by your ear”, my doctor said.


Extension of the time required to wear the plastic corset with two additional months. I still learn to walk again.


December 2104 – August 2015

Chemotherapy. Renewal of the hormone treatment (Faslodex) at 28 days. Perfusions with Avastin at 21 days. Monthly Xgeva injections.



Methastases expand to right collarbone.



Hips metastases disappear! Only the ones on the skull, front are expanding.


I look back and I wonder: is this humanly possible? Yes, it is and I am happy for all I got back.

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